The Culture and Matters of the Unknown to Israel

The Culture and Matters of the Unknown to Israel

The Culture and Matters of the Unknown to Israel – Who does not know the state of Israel, a country famous for its oppression of Palestinians.

Starting from the construction of the apartheid wall that separated it from Palestine, to the siege in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

However, despite the conflict with the Palestinians, there are interesting facts about Israel that not everyone knows.

1. Strong Culture of Reading

Surely you do not really know that Israel is a country that occupies the first rank that most translates books from various languages in the world.

So from that which makes Israel can access knowledge from books in various parts of the world, it turns out it happened because the culture of reading in Israel is very high or very strong.

The Culture and Matters of the Unknown to Israel

How the citizens do not want to read, because in every bus stop there is a library that can be read by the citizens when they are waiting for the bus.

One of the libraries is along Weizmann Street. On both sides of the road there are shelves filled with books in various languages and genres.

2. Scientific Center

Do you also know that Israel is a place for scientists why I can say that it is rich because, having the largest number of scientists and technicians who are from the workforce, the number is 145 scientists and technicians per 10,000 people.

No wonder that Israel became a country that filled 25 percent of the workforce in the world who work as technicians.

Prohibit models too thin

There is something else you should know about Israel. In early 2003, Israel became the first country in the world to pass a law banning models from having a body too thin below the standard Body Mass index, which should not be less than 18.5 kilograms.
For the skinny women I hope don’t dream of becoming a model in Israel,

Gambling Culture

Maybe not everyone knows that the culture of playing gambling also exists in this country. Not to be a negative action but to be an entertainment.
Gambling is very different for people who perceive it as being different from the state of Israel which considers gambling merely entertainment and not a negative thing.
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