Some Facts About the State of Israel

Some Facts About the State of Israel

Some Facts About the State of Israel – Israel is a Middle Eastern state whose only majority is Jewish. An independent country with the division of a Palestinian state, makes many Arab countries around the Middle East feel disapproving. Various conflicts have occurred since independence.

It’s no longer a secret, you must already know very well about Israel which is at odds with Palestine. Until now the dispute had no bright spots and resulted in the war continuing.

Some Facts About the State of Israel

Behind its war with Palestine, many of you don’t know Israel well. In the following we will provide some factual information about Israel as a little information for the world community.


The National Language used by Israel is not only Modern Hebrew, but the main language in Israel uses Arabic. Hebrew as well as Arabic is the official language in Israel.

Small Country

Israel is a small country that does have power within it. The country only has an area of ​​27,799km2 whose territory was largely obtained from war. Some of the Arab countries under Israeli rule are Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and also Jordan.

Einstein Never Refused To Be President of Israel

Einstein had a strong bond with the Jews since he collected funds for the Zionist movement. Since then he has been offered to become president of Israel and Einstein declined the offer.


Provisions on conscription have actually been carried out by several large countries. What is different from Israel is compulsory military service and mandatory for all Israelis including women. The age of the population that has reached the age of 18 years must fulfill the request for compulsory military service for 2 to 3 years of training.

Israeli Currency

Israeli currency is one of the currencies that use braille. This currency system makes it easy for citizens who have vision problems. Indeed, not only Israel, now many countries are implementing a braille system on currencies such as Canada, India, Russia, and Mexico.