Knowing about Israel and the Jewish State

Knowing about Israel and the Jewish State

Knowing about Israel and the Jewish State – Many citizens have misconceptions about the state of Israel and the Jewish State.
This misunderstanding due to misunderstanding has led to a number of negative stigmas,
Bad perceptions and inaccurate assessments of the state of Israel and the Jewish nation,
As well as an inaccurate assessment of the state Arab countries and Arab nations.

The first misconception is to assume that the inhabitants of Israel are all Jews.
But the fact is not, according to the data I took from an article told by Israel, there are almost 9 million Israelis.
Although Jews are the majority in the state of Israel (about 70%) which makes this country the only country in the world that has a majority Jewish population,
But there are a number of other ethnic groups who inhabit this region.

Knowing about Israel and the Jewish State

However, not all residents living in the Jewish state of Israel but there are also other citizens such as about 20% of Israelis are Arabs,
East Jerusalem Arabs, Bedouin Arabs Naqab, Bedouin Naqab, Druze, Aramaic, Armenian, Assyrian, Circassia, Samarita, and Maronite
This population data does not include “illegal immigrants” from a number of countries in Africa.

So, like other countries in general, the population of Israel is also very diverse. As Jews,
Non-Jewish Israelis (especially Arabs and Druze) also occupy various positions both in government, parliament, security (army / police), business, and various another public sector.

Therefore, whenever Israel is involved in conflict and feud with Palestine,
It is not only Jews who are involved in this violence but also Druze and Arab Israel.

It’s a misunderstanding that Israeli people are Jewish

The next misconception is to assume that Judaism is the only religion in Israel.
This error is because it is built from a false assumption, namely the assumption that all Israelis are Jewish.
Because the tribes of Israel are very diverse, automatically religion is very diverse.
Judaism (Judaism) of course occupies the majority position here, but Islam is also quite strong (around 18%), then followed by Christianity (2%), Druzeism (1.6%) and others, including Hinduism and Buddhism.