Israel History Behind Its Conflict During This Time

Israel History Behind Its Conflict During This Time

Israel History Behind Its Conflict During This Time – Israel is a country that is included in the territory of the Middle East. As you know the Middle East region has many countries namely Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, the Mediterranean Sea and also the Sinai desert. The population of Israel reaches 7.5 million and the majority of the population is Jewish.

Not all residents living in Israel are Jewish, there are minority groups which are mostly citizens of Israel from other religions such as Muslims, Druze, Samaria, Christians and other religions.

Israel’s History Behind Its Conflict During This Time

Because it became one of the most populous Jewish countries, in 1947 the UN agreed to divide Palestine into 2 parts, namely the Arab state and also the Jewish state. With this division Israel began to proclaim its independence in 1948.

And if many of you are confused by the war conflict that has been going on with Israel and other Arab countries, this begins with the division of Palestine at that time. By starting independence, Israel fought a number of other Arab countries which rejected the decision to divide the country.

War continues during many opposition, indeed not all Arab countries oppose, because there are some countries that have signed peace like Egypt, and also Jordan.

Israel has a long history from the beginning of its independence to the present. His feud with Palestine continues without any light until now. History and at the same time the conflict that is still remembered by the wider community is about East Jerusalem. Palestinians call East Jerusalem the future capital, the region claimed by Israel as the capital of Israel at that time.

Feud because of history

The territory was indeed owned by Jordan, and when in 1967 the war which was won by Israel put Jerusalem in Israeli control.

The fight over the capital region is actually not without reason or just because of feud, but both the Israeli and Palestinian parties have a history in that place. Both regard Jerusalem as a holy place of their faith.