Culture and Life in Israel

Culture and Life in Israel

Culture and Life in Israel – Maybe some of you only know about Israel’s wars and conflicts. But some of you don’t know for sure how the culture and life actually happened there.

Like other countries, Israel has culture and history. The country which is known to be independent from World War II is one of the countries that played an important role in Middle Eastern history. Israel became one of the countries that was predominantly Jewish, but even so the state of Israel freed various other religious groups to practice their religion freely with customs and traditions.

Culture and Life in Israel

Not only is it rich in its religious history, this country also offers extraordinary views in its various cities. Various events and traditions are often performed in several modern cities such as Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Rehovot, and Tel Aviv.

Talking about Israel does not only remember historical and religious conflicts. This country has also developed a lot by creating various advanced technologies that have been recognized by many countries in the world.

Many people know Israel as a state of rioters or a country that is always fighting religion other than Judaism. The reality of life in Israel is very different from what people see. Minorities in Israel live peacefully because tolerance towards minorities is already applied in life in Israel.

There is no life of intimidation against religions, because in Israel there are various religious groups such as Christians, Muslims, Druze, and other religious beliefs.

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Community Life In Israel Is Very Quiet

Community life in Israel is far from hostile. History and culture are very attached to this country.

Muslims in Israel also can not be said to be a little, because at the time of Israeli independence, the number of Muslim denominations increased 10-fold from before. And Israel frees the infrastructure of worship for all religions in Israel.

And as a tribute to Israel as an Arab division. He continued to formalize Arabic as a common and official language in his country.