Behind the Story of Al Aqsa Mosque That Has Been a Fight

Behind the Story of Al Aqsa Mosque That Has Been a Fight

Behind the Story of Al Aqsa Mosque That Has Been a Fight – This mosque is a place of worship for Muslims, as well as a place of activity for Muslims in the teaching and learning process of the time of Prophet Muhammad and his companions. In contrast to the mosque that I will discuss, Al Asha Mosque is a monk’s witness where this mosque is practiced, between three religions namely Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

In connection with the worship of Muslims, the aqsa mosque was the first Qibla for prayer before the mosque was illegal. One of the reasons for the exchange of the Qiblah is because in the days of Prophet Muhammad the Mosque-l-Aqsa in Jerusalem was under Roman rule. Therefore, it did not have many roles and functions in Islamic history in the time of the Prophet. The conversion of the Qibla to Jerusalem was controversial in Medina at that time. Because, at that time, the Jews took control of Jerusalem and made it their center of worship.

Behind the Story of Al Aqsa Mosque That Has Been a Fight

This opportunity was used by the Jews as an insult to the Prophet. Stating that their religion is a religion acceptable to God because Muslims have imitated their worship, making Jerusalem Maqdis a Qiblah. The Prophet and his companions could only endure the ridicule and ridicule they received. When they look up to the sky, they expect revelation to move the Qiblah. Allah is All-Knowing and All-Hearing, so that the Qiblah revelation was transferred to the Sacred Mosque, Temple Temple.

The controversy to date has been the clash of the Aqsha Mosque between three Muslims, Jews and Christians. It began with the acquisition of Jerusalem by the Caliph Umar bin Khattab of the Christian Byzantine government. Later when he entered the Maqdis of Jerusalem and discovered a sea of ​​rubbish in it as a form of contempt for the Jews. The area was then cleaned up and kept updated over time despite the earthquake.


In 1099 AD when the crusades were abolished, the Christians recaptured the holy land of Jerusalem. Seeing the emperor Sultan Salahudin Al Ayubi besiege him and recapture it in 1187 AD. In 1948 the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel was proclaimed. The country was based on Jewish beliefs and then occupied Palestine including Jerusalem. One of the targets of the land of Jerusalem is the Aqsa Mosque.

They wanted to build a third temple for the Jews (the third temple) by leveling the Aqsa Mosque first. One of his actions was to shut down the aqsha mosque from Muslim activism. This is what keeps Muslims fighting. It is through these things that we often see mass shootings and deaths of Palestinians before our very eyes. They are martyrs who also defend and preserve the sacred heritage of Islam over time. His message was that martyrdom brought meat to all young and old Palestinians. May Allah bless the struggle of the Palestinian Muslims and preserve the aqsa mosque as a place of worship for Muslims today and in the future.